Thursday, March 6, 2014

Travelling on Thursday - Eating In and Eating Out in Kettlewell

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I remember fondly the Kettlewell Village Store.  It's within walking distance of the house and the perfect place to pick up a loaf of bread.  However, we need to stock the house for the week so I did some research on the shopping options in Skipton.  I remember visiting a supermarket there and from the choices and photos that appear when I Google "Supermarkets in Skipton", I believe it was Morrisons.

It's very close to the railway station so we'll be able to run over for a few supplies when we arrive and then make another trip the next day for more provisions.

I remember that the produce section was really lovely, and there was a nice variety of ready-made items like pies and sausage rolls.  I seem to remember that it was a cafe-type set-up but you could buy the items to takeaway as well.  We'll definitely be picking up some supplies there.  I suppose I'd better take my suggested week outline and match some meals to it so I can get the basics although I know that we'll be eating out at least once during our stay.  I was very sorry to hear that The Kings Head pub was closed; I have very fond memories of the meals we had there during our last stay.  Hopefully, we will find just as good at one of the other pubs in the village.  It will be interesting to see what is available when we get there; as of this post, the two other pubs in the village are still options, The Racehorses Hotel and The Blue Bell Inn.

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