Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Eight

It's time for the second half of this week's theme - Vintage. During my research of new and interesting ways to decorate that I hadn't thought about before, I found Vintage to be the most appealing. It's probably because many of the ideas are startlingly familiar - yikes, am I vintage?

I loved this first photo from Pinterest and the little caption that went with it - unfortunately, the link is broken, I had really hoped to read more.

back in the 50's a few presents and we were so so commercilized, in hock through the next year and is it appreciated ? or expected by our children. However its not their fault its ours !! from (no longer exists and not to be confused with
We seem to have some photos similar to this one in our family album, black and white, tinsel on the tree, toys of this type, great family memories.

A great kick-off to Vintage rest-of-the-week can be found at the site linked below - there are some lovely vintage decorating ideas throughout Kelly's house.

Eclectically Vintage Holiday House Walk 2012
There are a plethora of vintage cards on Pinterest, many leading to Ebay auctions. These were my favorites.

Outside of my UK friends, who had a Milkman? What's a Milkman you ask? Well, the sisters clearly remember having milk delivery, the glass bottles, the cream on top and remembering the Milkman at Christmas! (from the Ebay description for this card). I remember our milk delivery when we lived in England and the trouble I used to get into for breaking the foil seal and sticking my finger in the cream at the top!

Sold on Ebay
This one's for you, Caroline!

10 Christmas Cocktails from the Glamorous Housewife
And finally, the hostess with the mostest! Isn't she cute? She doesn't look like she could ever lose her mind! 

How to get through the Holidays without losing your Mind also from The Glamorous Housewife
Are you enjoying Vintage so far?


  1. This is my favorite theme, as you probably know! :)

  2. Vintage is my favorite! And believe it or not, I actually remember having home milk delivery (yes, in glass bottles) clear up into the early 1970s at our home in Overland Park, Kansas. How I wish I would have saved some of those glass bottles!

    1. I wish I had saved some as well, Vicki! The gift shop where I worked when I lived in Virginia had a lovely set of milk bottles in a carrying cradle and it was a huge hit.

  3. We had a milkman too! I like the hostess... she is so lively and cute

  4. Way back in about 1967, in the back of an Archie comic book, I saw an ad for a Christmas card sales kit. My mom let me order it. Even then I knew that I wasn't a salesperson, but I guess even then I had a love of greeting cards. :) I received a large paperback book with the company's full line of Christmas cards available for order that year. There must have been at least 3 dozen actual cards (very similar to the ones you show above) glued into it scrapbook style with the order information under each. I know that it was still in our hall closet years after I had moved out of the house. OH! how I wish I had that book today!

    ps: I think I may have walked door to door on our block and sold about six boxes. :)

  5. Cute! I also like vintage items. I have milk bottles all above my kitchen cabinets. Ready to store them and move onto something else tho.

  6. I love vintage! Have a vintage Christmas board on Pinterest and another for cards and sentiments. And yes, I guess I would have to say that I am vintage.

  7. I'm a huge fan of Vintage!!! I have some of my grandmas old milk bottles.