Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Fifteen

It's D-I-Y Countdown time - a few ideas to inspire you if you're the D-I-Y type.

Christmas Countdown Chalkboard Charger
10 Beautiful DIY Advent Calendars
Christmas Countdown Blocks
Rogue Engineer via Good Housekeeping (you have to scroll through the gallery)
1 of 12 Ways to Repurpose an Old Soda Crate
Creative Holiday Crafts for Kids (scroll through, it's 14 of 28, don't hit View All or you'll have to subscribe)
Best Homemade Advent Calendars - I've always thought this would be a great one for gift cards - college students would love discovering gift cards each day - Starbucks, local eateries, grocery store, movie theater

Fab n' Free via Double the Batch


  1. I want to make a pouch calendar this year. I've also been keeping the small tea tin cans.. might make dd an advent calendar with that

  2. I have several of those burlap small bags

  3. I love some DIY! That plate idea is pretty cute!

  4. I may have to find an wooden soda crate!

  5. Love the pocket calendar and those are very cute countdown blocks!

  6. I have completely caught the bug. Added a little something new to my blog in your honor. You may have to hunt to find it, but every time you see it, know that you are the reason it is there. :)

    1. The Countdown? I love it!

    2. You found it! I'll probably move it further up the page as it gets a little closer. :) But I'll see it regularly where it is, because I update my Shelfari shelf regularly.