Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Twenty-Eight

I just can't get enough of these fabulous kitchen decor ideas!

Christmas Decorating with Kitchen Items
An Ebay listing - over now but the description of the components is great
Cook's Herb Wreath
Cookie Sheet Magnet Board
The link was to Better Homes and Gardens but I couldn't find this item - I think you get the idea: metal cookie cutters wired together, the whole thing painted red (if the cutters are not already red), and add a big bow


  1. The herb wreath is awesome. I would like to make the cookie cutter wreath for my home. Maybe one day...

  2. I love the cookie cutter wreath!! I like to buy the rosemary trees that are in shape of mini Christmas trees. They make the kitchen smell so good.

  3. The colander is great and so is the kitchen Christmas tree.