Monday, July 6, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Six

It's time to get our frill on - ok, maybe not quite so much as yesterday and today, we'll have a bit of a color burst at the end.

Tablescape first, elegant and with a touch of burlap/beige to tone things down. 

Burlap Wedding Inspiration & Ideas
Cute little lanterns - you could use them instead of the votives in the tablescape above but you'd have to carry the pine theme into the centerpiece. I'd ditch those silver things on the candles as well.

41 Amazing Christmas Lanterns for Indoors and Outdoors
And finally, a bit of color...kind of cute if you're into roughing up some old wooden soda crates.

From The Cozy Old Farmhouse via Songbird

That's all for today and wow, almost no frill! Moving more into the rustication - of becoming rustic - I mentioned yesterday.


  1. I'm drawn to anything with pine cones!

  2. Lovely! Burlap and coka-cola are so nice.

  3. So pretty. I love both of these ideas. Think I may have pinned the coca cola one somewhere on one of my boards.

  4. Oh I have some soda crates and I love this idea!! Thank you