Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day One

Week One's (July 1-4) theme is Color and let's start out with Red and Gold. That's one of my favorite combinations. I love the vibrancy of red with the splendor of gold and here are a few of my favorites in that color scheme.

The link for this photo is broken but you can find Raz Imports here and a Google search using Raz Imports brings up a long list of sites using their items
Let's start with this tree - oh my goodness, isn't it gorgeous? I am not really a fan of mesh but that's really because I can't imagine making anything with it that wouldn't turn out looking like a kindergartner's art project! There are people who can use mesh successfully and the designer of this tree is one of them. I love the red mesh spiraling around the tree, the huge gold poinsettias interspersed with the gold round ornaments, the springs of red berries tucked in the top, and the beautiful Merry Christmas hanging accents.  Please...come to my house and make my tree look like this.

Tree #2 is also a Raz Imports design and although I couldn't find the details on this exact tree (the link on Pinterest takes you to RAZ 2015 Christmas Trees and a search of Christmas Tapestry did not yield any results), you can find most of what you need to make other masterpieces at Trendy Tree.

Christmas Tapestry
Moving on to mirror accents, I thought these two were beautiful.

This one is also from Trendy Tree and found here- Items from the RAZ Poinsettia Damask collection.  A swag made with pine, red poinsettias and gold cedar branches.

This one is from Better Homes and Gardens but the link takes you to the Secrets to a Beautiful Mantel video which does not feature this specific mantel design - ugh, drives me batty when links don't lead you to where you want to go!
Now on to tablescapes and the first one is this stunning red and gold ensemble. Unfortunately, it's another rabbit trail link - you end up at HGTV's 25+ Gorgeous Holiday Table Settings and then have to scroll through the photos (and adverts) until you come to 24/26 Fanciful Feast.

Fanciful Feast
This link was more successful - it's just a photo but you can click right on it to get a close-up - I love the gold rims of the glasses - the whole tablescape looks elegant but easy to put together.

The two tablescapes above already have centerpieces but if you have a tablescape of your own in mind, here are a couple of options that don't look too difficult (or in the case of A Candlelight Christmas, you can pick it up from the florist).

This one is actually an Etsy offering and at $39.99 is quite reasonable when you add the costs of the glass bowl, ornaments, ribbon, decor and the time you would need to gather the supplies and put it together
A Candelit Christmas
One more piece of home decor - the wreath for your door - this item is from Kathy's Wreath Shop on Etsy - this design is no longer available but no doubt she will have other festive offerings this coming Christmas.

Here are two beautiful Christmas cards to add to the Red and Gold theme. Aren't they exquisite?

Another link to almost nowhere - this one leads to an invitation-only stamping site
This card is from the same site
Time to dig into the closet and put together your shopping/coffee/Christmas movie with friends outfit. Unfortunately, another bl**dy useless link (this particular outfit is not even there), but I did find it here, however, no details.

And finally, if you're not busy decorating the tree or mantel or front door, planning a party to show off your amazing tablescape, making cards, or getting ready for some fun in your holiday outfit, here's a quick and fun project. This one is ready made and available on Etsy but it wouldn't be too difficult to put it together with a shadow box, a piece of scrapbook paper for the backdrop, vinyl letters made with a Cricut or similar machine or even sticker letters, a few red stars, and a bag of jingle bells.

And that is Red and Gold! I hope you enjoyed today's offerings and will tune in for Blue and Silver tomorrow. It's time for a Christmas cocktail. I made this one in 2011, the Poinsettia Cocktail. If I drink it from a flute with a gold rim, it will fit right in with the theme. Cheers!


  1. Love the red / gold theme. My favorite are the crystal drops on the mirror... beautiful! I'd like to make a shadow box too... not exactly like the one above but a Christmas-themed one... it's on my to-do craft list. Thanks for putting joy in my day :)

  2. I love red and gold together. That outfit looks great.

  3. Oh that tree is definitely gorgeous! I also love the Better Homes and Gardens mantel!!

  4. Love the glass bowl center piece and the crystals above mirror.

  5. How pretty! I like the first tree (and I know I've seen a few of those glittery "Merry Christmas" ornaments at Walmart, of all places!). Love the shadow box too and I remember pinning a similar project.

  6. The red theme was so lovely,i loved your red earning and the red coat.