Friday, July 3, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Three

Today I'm combining a bit of Day One and a bit of Day Two to bring you Red and Silver. It's been fun searching out different Christmas decor for a color theme I don't often think about.

Don't you love this tree? That drum tree base is so cute!

Drum Shape Christmas Tree Stand - step by step instructions and materials list
A little different twist to the mirror/frame above the mantel category, this time we have something to put on the mantel.

Posted here by Beautifully Bella Faith in a post that also includes 29 other cute holiday ideas
How cool is this? I see lanterns like this all the time but never thought of putting ornaments and a string of lights inside.

Time for tablescapes. This first one uses an idea I have shared before, the hanging ornaments over the center of the table. I'm not too crazy about the red birds; would rather they used just the round ornaments.

You have to watch an annoying advert and then scroll to the 0:31 point to see this design - a variety of crystal candlesticks placed on a runner made of mirror tiles and ornaments of varying heights suspended above the candles
I love the tall ornament-filled centerpiece on this table; the way it is set up means that you can have extravagance without completely blocking guests' views of each other. The cupcake in the box and the ornament place cards are neat ideas too.

Holiday Table Decor Ideas on any Budget - trust me to pick the High End Table
We don't really need another centerpiece since there are two really nice ones above but I couldn't pass up sharing this idea.

Another Etsy offering that is no longer available
Instead of wreaths today, here are doors with wreaths. I can't decide if I prefer the one with the greenery or without.
This porch decorating idea and 19 more can be found here
Porch Pointsettias
If you're going to want people streaming through these lovely doors for your holiday gathering, you'll need to send them a card. How about one of these?

Glimmer Presents
Solemn Stillness
In such a gorgeously-decorated house, how could you go wrong with picking this glamorous ensemble?
The link took me to, another login or sign up site so I don't have any details
The craft is a repeat from yesterday, just in the new colors.

Again, The Groovy Zoo, item sold out
And it wouldn't be a color theme day without a color-coordinated cocktail!

The Candy Cane - although I would have used a smaller candy cane 
Last of the color themes coming tomorrow - can you guess the combination?


  1. Although I'm not a fan of Christmas in July, I AM enjoying the different cocktails you've been posting every day!

  2. What a great color combination. I enjoyed all of the examples, but I'm always drawn to the ornaments hung over the table. I think about doing it every year, but haven't tried it yet. Maybe this will be the year I get brave!

  3. The lantern on the mantel is my favorite... and the dress... ooh la la!

  4. The lantern on the mantel is my favorite... and the dress... ooh la la!

  5. Christmas is my favorite holiday! These reds are beautiful!

  6. Christmas is my favorite holiday! These reds are beautiful!