Saturday, July 4, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Four

The final installment in the Color Themes is Green and Gold and I'm starting off with a tree, mantel, and wreath combination. I wish I had a better view of the tree but I think you can make out the details.

Found at From My Porch to Yours - not the original source of the photo but that link was invalid
My search for green and gold tablescapes led me to these two.

An odd link as it leads to another site where the picture is nowhere to be found
Evergreen cuttings and pine cones complement the green and white scheme of this holiday table from Pier 1 Imports is the description for this design here
Another tall centerpiece to feature - this one has a silver candlestick but you could easily replace it with a gold one.

From a beautiful Christmas wedding post
A wreath and a swag to feature as door decor today.

Another Etsy offering no longer available
Another Etsy offering that led me to this heartbreaking post - the designer of this swag, Michelle Edwards, passed away from cancer in January 2014
On to cards.
From Inspiration Blooms via Bloomin' Paper
Loved this vintage card - many others can be found at Vintage Christmas Cards on Ebay
A lovely outfit for a holiday party.

Green Bling - posted three years ago but you could put a similar look together when the festive glittery clothes and accessories start appearing in stores
Our green and gold craft is a tutorial for outdoor decorating.

Porch Light Decoration
I've had such fun searching on Pinterest for Christmas cocktails so I'm leaving you with the Happy Elf - you could use a gold-colored stick for the cherries.

Happy Elf
That's been a fun week (ok, four days!). Stay tuned for Week Two - Vintage/Shabby Chic - so not my area but with Pinterest, who can go wrong?


  1. Love the wreath and swag. Fun post! Looking forward to next week...

  2. You've got my wheels turning. The color scheme of our living rm (dark brown and taupes) would, I think, look great with a green/gold Christmas decking out. Husband does not see the value of new Christmas decorations when we already have so many perfectly servicable ones, so it would take some creativity. :)

  3. I LOVE that living room! I'd love to add it to my house--so elegant!!!
    The wreath is gorgeous, too!
    I'm loving your Christmas ideas--SO pretty!

  4. The candelabra is gorgeous! I love using metallics during Christmas- lots of silver and gold.