Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Christmas in July 2015 - Day Seven

The final installment of Shabby Chic before we move on to Vintage and I'll leave you with a couple of cute home decor pieces. We've definitely moved from the frilly to the rustic now.

A design by Hollylocks & Hydrangeas - no longer available
From Rescued and Repurposed - again, no longer available
I've listed the sites in case you're interested in Shabby Chic decor - Christmas designs will appear again no doubt as we get closer to the holiday season.

And since I haven't featured one yet in Shabby Chic - a card.

Handmade by Dorota Kopec


  1. Great examples to finish this theme with. Looking forward to the next theme!

  2. Love these ... especially the "Merry Christmas" sign. One could use any motif, not just a snowman. It looks stamped on; so any stamp could be used. Nice idea!

  3. the rustic Christmas tree is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this theme with us :)

  4. I'm enjoying all of this Christmas stuff! Love the sign! You should check out Hallmark channel, they have Christmas movies on for the whole month I think.

    1. Yes, I have the Hallmark Christmas line-up in my Favorites. Haven't been able to watch as many as I would have liked so I'm hoping that I can catch some of them through our cable's On Demand service.

  5. I have a shabby chic wood plaque with the silhouette of nativity scene. I got it last year and I love it!